Village Library

A few years ago two women in the village had the idea of ​​reviving the old library. They collected, cleaned, and sorted books. They did a little advertising and suddenly everyone wanted to empty their cupboards. Thanks to all that, it was possible to hold the official opening of the library in September 2011.

The library is located above the village school. The entrance is via a door that opens on the Promenade d’Hiver. It has a small room, too small for all the books. The mayor was kind enough to allow the use  of another room, where we can have cabinets full of children’s books, novels and non-fiction.

Beginning in January 2015, the library is open as follows:

  • Mondays from 17h to 18h, and
  • Fridays from 17h30 to 18h30.

Two volunteers will be there to greet you.

Membership of the library is free.

In May 2013 the library became a formal association which enables it to receive donations and grants. In this capacity, the library has been involved with other associations of Saint Romain in various events, including the summertime Soirée du Vin, where the sale of tarts

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