A Bit of Village History

Built on a little promontory, the village of Saint Romain in Viennois turns its back on Mont Ventoux. It’s a small village, round and fortified, bordered by plane trees and chestnut trees. It was once part of the “Dauphiné of the Viennois” a region stretching north from here to the city of Vienne, on the east side of the River Rhone.

After having left your car in the car park near the Mairie, walk around the village streets, recently repaved in stone. As you walk along below the ramparts that encircle the village, you can see vestiges of the old fortification (such as a tower and arrow-slits in the walls of houses) even though the original gates no longer exist today.

The church, rebuilt in the nineteenth century, is adjacent to the castle which still has a corner tower and gun port. The church is enlivened by its two towers, one crowned by a campanile, the other by a pointed roof.

Go back down out of the village, take the path that runs past the lavoir and go up to the Notre-Dame-de-l’Annonciation chapel that faces the village. Built on a little eminence, the view of the village from its entrance is notable.

Did you know?

In 1573, during the Wars of Religion, Protestants from Nyons (500 men-at-arms and 300 cavaliers) attacked the village. To defend themselves, the inhabitants of Saint Romain threw beehives on the assailants.

Village Secret

In the nineteenth century, the renovation of the parochial church of Saint Romain was very poorly done and the new building collapsed. Judged responsible, the curé had to escape and hide in Vaison from the wrath of the local population. img007 - Copieimg008 - Copie

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